NEAR Top News #4

PembRock Finance Successfully Launches the First Leveraged Yield Farming & Lending Service on NEAR

Fluxus: The ‘DeFi Suite’ of NEAR Releases Holistic Stablecoin Overview

Endemic: Alive & Thriving Despite Cold of Bear Market Winter

Aurora Will Take Part of Gitcoin’s 15th Grants Round!

NW ORIGINAL: SailGP x NEAR — Envisioning the Future of Fandom

Other News

  • Alex Shevchenko: Publishes a surprisingly optimistic Twitter thread on the state of decentralisation in the industry
  • Apollo42: Launches a new update, creating a more streamlined and social UX experience on its platform
  • DefiLlama: Launches a new update; users can now track Aurora+ activities on Aurora
  • Sweat Economy: Opens registration for its much anticipated SWEAT token sale on DAO Maker!

Editor’s Note

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