First step in the NEARWEEK DAO journey

tl;dr: This is our first step towards becoming a DAO. We’re changing the way contributors submit news links to NEARWEEK. To get this started each news contribution is now rewarded with 0.5 $NEAR and should be submitted via news.sputnik-dao.near — Please read the step-by-step guide on how to submit. We’re looking at improving this process making it more user-friendly. Therefore we have submitted a bounty for the NEAR MetaBUIDL Hackathon: The NEARWEEK Curation Bot. We’re on a mission to make the engagement with DAOs simpler. Apart from that everything stays the same. That’s all!

NEARWEEK: Your weekly dose of crowdsourced news from the #NEARverse!

NEARWEEK has delivered weekly crowdsourced news from the NEARverse since April this year via our NEARWEEK Telegram channel. What initially started as a one-man hobby project by P3ter, has now turned into a very active community. It’s been a great ride so far, and we are very grateful for all the support and contributions we have received, thank you all! 🙏

Our purpose with NEARWEEK is really to create a self serving ecosystem where people are rewarded in a decentralized and scalable manner for contributing to the whole process of collecting, curating & distributing crowd-sourced news within the NEAR ecosystem and beyond 🚀. We believe that we should as fast as possible enable NEARWEEK to become a decentralized news media platform driven and owned by a dynamic community, where profit is fairly distributed based on contributions. We anticipate that this involves a number of steps in order to make the transition fully. Today we are taking the first step on this journey!

Let’s just DAO it!

Starting from today we will enable news link submissions to be submitted via the NEARWEEK DAO using the current Sputnik v2 frontend. Even though this UI is very hacky, we believe using the v2 contracts is the right place to be to move along the NEARWEEK journey to transition to a fully operational NEAR based DAO. We believe this includes the following roles & steps in the NEARWEEK crowdsourcing process:

  1. Sponsor funds goes into weekly NEARWEEK rewards pool.
  2. Contributors submit links via a Sputnik proposal.
  3. Curators review and approve links, approved links goes into NEARWEEK.
  4. Editors set up the newsletter, website and push the button.
  5. Distributors are rewarded for spreading the news on e.g. Twitter.

To make this process more user-friendly we’ve submitted a bounty for the NEAR MetaBUIDL Hackathon: The NEARWEEK Curation Bot. We want to make the engagement with DAOs simpler.

The NEARWEEK crowdsourcing process

As NEARWEEK has been accepted as a NEAR Guild, we believe the right thing to do is sharing this revenue with all contributors / stakeholders as follows:

  • 50 % goes to contributors.
  • 25 % goes to editors.
  • 25 % goes to distributors.

Step-by-step guide: how to submit links via news.sputnik-dao.near

First of all news included in NEARWEEK needs to be fresh, meaning from the latest week in the NEARverse. Also, please do not submit any links addressing some host to include NEAR in their show, that is not what we’re here for. For every news link contribution to NEARWEEK via the News.SPUTNIK.DAO you are rewarded with 0.5 $NEAR.

How to contribute via the DAO:

  1. First you need a NEAR wallet / account.
  2. Then head over to News.SPUTNIK.DAO.
  3. Click the “ADD NEW PROPOSAL” button and open a “PAYOUT” request.

4. Enter your NEAR wallet address in the “Receiver account” box

5. “Enter description” should include: news link, a tagline describing the news and label of category (DeFi, infrastructure, guilds, DAOs etc)

6. Enter 0.5 $NEAR in the “Enter amount” box

7. Hit SUBMIT! — Please note that 1 $NEAR is deposited pr. request. The deposit will always be returned. It does not depend on whether the proposal is confirmed or rejected.

Payout proposals are reviewed twice a week by curators. All links that are approved will be part of the next edition and are rewarded with an immediate payout from the DAO.

Want to get involved in NEARWEEK?
Join us on this journey. Together we shall spread the NEARverse far and wide and work towards a fully decentralised news/media entity!! We are actively looking for people to help us design custom features to decentralize and automate this process further. Reach out here if you are interested in helping out.

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